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This is the inaugural post in “Leh It On the Line,” the blog of the Leh Law Group, LLC. Chris Leh and Jim Leh co-founded the firm — and by extension, this blog — with the following objectives:

We strive to deliver to employers exceptional, practical employment law advice to help them comply with the law, prevent workplace disputes, and achieve their business goals; provide them with vigorous, cost-effective representation to prevail in litigation; assist conflicting parties to resolve their differences; and represent each client and contribute to our communities with energy, intelligence, imagination, civility, honesty, and good humor.

In this space, Jim Leh and Chris Leh plan to share our thoughts about the development of the law, practice pointers, and a few side comments about current events, our families, or the current state of CU Buffs football.

We hope you’ll find “Leh It On the Line” informative and even entertaining. If you have comments, please let us know. If you like what we have to offer here, please subscribe to our contact us to get on the email list. Or subscribe to our RSS feed.

One more point. we would enjoy engaging with you online about the issues we’re going to discuss in the blog posts we include. Unfortunately, however, that may lead people, inadvertently, to share confidential or privileged information. We don’t want that, and neither do you. So if you’d like to engage more specifically about a post or issue, by all means, contact one of us at We promise to respond.

On a related note, here’s a link to our Disclaimers and Terms of Use Policy, and ourPrivacy Policy. Please review them before reading the posts on “Leh It On the Line” or accessing other parts of the website.

We’re going to lay it on the line for you.  Welcome to our blog!

Chris and Jim